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We frequently listen to music on YouTube from our favorite bands and singers. When we like a song on YouTube and want to listen to it offline, we can press the save button to listen to it later. The song is stored in video format which consumes a lot of space on your phone depending on the quality you save it in. Also, copyrighted songs cannot be saved, and they will not appear in your default music player.

The dilemma with listening to music on the YouTube app is that it uses up a lot of data and also the playback will stop as soon as you shove YouTube into the background. And then if you decide to download the video from YouTube using several online video downloaders on the web, you have to follow the complicated procedure of first copying the video link, downloading the video using a downloader service that is full of ads and then converting it to audio format. To solve these problems SnapTube app was developed.(snaptube App)

SnapTube app allows the user to download videos in video or audio format from the following 24 websites:

YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vevo, WhatsApp Daily, DailyMotion, Vimeo, Vine, VuClip, MetaClip, LiveLeak, Twitter,, SoundCloud, MThai, PagalWorld, DailyTube, MrPopat, Pinguda, 3gpMania, FunnyOrDie, Vid.Me, SkyMovies,

Is SnapTube Free or Paid?

SnapTube is free, but you can unlock the premium version for a small fee to remove ads and unlock more features such as batch download and the ability to download a video in 4k. The premium version costs $2. Speaking of ads, SnapTube has integrated ads. The ads are non-intrusive, and the app offers a perfect design overall. It looks like a web browser at first glance with the home page having shortcuts to supported websites. In the top right corner are the shortcuts to the downloads section and the app settings.

You should also have apps like mx player on your phone, you can get mx player from official website of mx player.

About SnapTube HomePage(snaptube App)

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The home page has a section of popular videos on the internet which is managed by the makers of the app. The videos shown to you are based on your location. You can go to the app settings and set your location to see content which may appeal to you. It also has a categories section to organize the videos in different categories. So if you are bored with nothing to do, you can browse this section and pass your time. You can also add your own frequently used websites to the home page for easier access.

How Can You Download Videos using SnapTube(snaptube App)

snaptube app download page

You can download videos from SnapTube in multiple video formats ranging from 144p to 4k. Not only that, but SnapTube also has the option to download the video in an audio format directly without downloading any other codecs or converters. The audio formats available are mp3 and m4a. Therefore, the video will not take any extra storage on your phone, and you won’t have to delete the original video after converting it using some other video to audio converter. This is awesome, right? I know!

Why We Created SnapTube App

No one likes to browse YouTube using Google Chrome or some other browser on their android phone. The YouTube app is more fluid and user-friendly for mobile devices and keeping this is mind, SnapTube introduced a feature called ‘Share To Download.’ This means you don’t have to find the video in the app again and all you have to do is press the ‘Share’ button in the YouTube app and select SnapTube in the choose an app section. SnapTube will then open the video you were just watching and ask which format the video has to be downloaded in before starting the download.

SnapTube has a dedicated downloads section which allows you to check the progress of different tasks. You can stop, pause and resume downloads from here. The downloads section is categorized into downloads, music and video sections. SnapTube also has an inbuilt audio and video player to play the downloaded files.

Download SnapTube For Your Device

For now, the app is available only on Android and is under development for iOS and Linux. You can follow up our Facebook page for more information about ongoing work.

Note: SnapTube is not available for download from the Google Play Store because of their policy to not allow apps that enable users to download copyrighted content. The app is legal for personal use, and you can download the app from their official website. They have also recently started a site to download videos to the computer. The app is safe to use and does not contain any malware or deceptive code.

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